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Staten Island, New York

Greenbaum Law Group, LLP provides commercial debt collection services in Staten Island, New York. The commercial collection lawyers at our firm are highly experienced and qualified to handle your Staten Island commercial collection claims both quickly and efficiently. Unlike most other commercial collection law firms, our lawyers do not waste valuable time making collection calls to your commercial debtors, nor do we send them whiny demand letters. We pursue our proven legal strategy of filing a lawsuit against your commercial debtor which will frequently yield immediate and substantial results. We manage our litigation cases internally to pursue your commercial debtors in Staten Island, New York.

By handling the litigation internally, our collection firm provides creditors, who have commercial claims in Staten Island, a unique opportunity to be represented by highly skilled commercial collection lawyers throughout the collection and legal process. Our lawyers are well seasoned, experienced collection professionals who have the litigation prowess to handle your commercial collection claims even though you may have experienced heavy resistance in trying to collect the commercial claims yourself. 

As commercial collection lawyers, we aggressively pursue your Staten Island commercial debtors from the very day that you place your receivables in our hands for collection. Our focus is to ensure that you get your money as quickly as possible and our lawyers will utilize all legal options at our disposal to make that happen. As previously stated, we do not make collection phone calls, nor do we send whiny demand letters to your commercial debtors. We want your commercial debtors to immediately understand that we are prepared to utilize the legal system to get what is owed to you in Staten Island. Our way of handling your commercial collection claims is different than what most collection lawyers, collection law firms and collection agencies might do. Our proven and successful legal strategy is what our other clients applaud us for. It is a no-nonsense approach in getting your money from your Staten Island commercial debtor and to induce that Staten Island debtor to pay and to pay quickly.

Our lawyers handle all types of commercial debts, typically ranging on a scale from $10,000 to $2,000,000 per claim. Our commercial collection services are usually provided on a contingent fee basis.  Some clients prefer an hourly fee and we offer both contingent and hourly fees. We provide personal service to get fast results in Staten Island, New York. Let us motivate your commercial debtors to pay. Call the Greenbaum Law Group today at (212) 732-6837 and talk with one of our friendly and understanding lawyers about starting a successful collection campaign for you in Staten Island. There is no cost or obligation for your call. We look forward to working with you to recover your money fast. 

Staten Island Commercial Debt Collection

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