A Sister State Judgment is a Judgment entered in a court that is outside of California.  Out of State Judgments can be enforced under the California version of the Uniform Enforcement of Sister State Judgments Act. If you already have a court issued Judgment from another State that hasnít been collected and the Debtor or the Debtorís assets are in California, we know how to enforce that Judgment and get your money.  We use all the legal remedies the law allows to collect your money.  We move fast and aggressively. The procedure to enforce a Sister State Judgment is quick and easy.  You donít have to re-prove your case.  We file an ďauthenticatedĒ copy of the Sister State Judgment with the California court, serve a notice and 30 days later we can start efforts at enforcement.

We effectively service clients who have cases between $10,000 and $2,000,000.  We are a quality law firm, not a collection agency or a mill operation.  We Sue!  We donít send whiny letters and donít usually even contact the debtors before we start the lawsuit unless required by law.  We donít make repetitive phone calls and have no phone collectors.

Cases involving Sister State Judgments have some form of written documentation. This can include the judgment itself or other proof of the judgment. These are the documents which we present for settlement to the court, that win your case.

We have a full staff of qualified and experienced Lawyers and Legal Assistants.  We use all the legal remedies the law allows to collect your money.  We move fast and aggressively.  

We offer a choice between
contingent fees (a percentage) or hourly fees (charge by the hour).  See our FAQ page on which is right for you and how to make the choice.  

We recover more money, more often than other attorneys or collectors.  If you are a contingent fee client and we donít recover, there is no fee.  The out of pocket filing fees for the court enforcement documents, motions, hearings and liens and the fee for the process servers are generally small.  See our FAQ pages concerning Costs.


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