If you are ready to collect your money...
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1. Call us at 1-800-519-0562 to confirm your interest. 

2. Select the appropriate Retainer Agreement for California or New York, print and complete 

3. Read the article in "Starting your Collection"

4. Send us your file, your cost deposit and the signed Agreement  

5. Send the file documents and the signed Retainer Agreement by fax, email or US Mail and send the court cost deposit by credit card, bank wire or direct deposit. Please, include additional information on other pages as appropriate. We prefer that you send a scan or image  of all of the pertinent documents electronically as opposed to faxing or mailing them to us.

Click here for: Bank Wire & Direct Deposit Instructions

Credit Card Instructions:

As we invest our time, skill and effort on contingent fee, we ask our clients to show their commitment to their case by agreeing to pay all out of pocket costs.  We request a cost deposit of $575. We ask that it be sent by check with the signed retainer agreement or you may deposit it directly into our client trust account at any Wells Fargo Bank pursuant to the attached instructions or submit by credit card through the following link:

Click here to pay by credit card:

This deposit is to be applied toward court filing fees, service process fees, and related expenses if we accept your case. In the event we decline, we will promptly refund your cost deposit or credit card charge and void the agreement.




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Fax: (888) 760-7210

We will return a signed copy of the agreement once we take the case!


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